BarkBay No Pull Dog Harness Review

BarkBay No Pull Dog Harness Review
BarkBay No Pull Dog Harness



Quality materials, Number of sizes and colors, No pull leading


Neck design


Whether you are trail running, camping, or just going for a walk, hiking ,our Adventure Dog Harness will help enhance your journey together

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Walking your dog shouldn’t be hard work, but there are some pets out there that seem to make it more of a challenge than others. Investing in a quality dog harness that suits everyday needs should be easy to do, but there are so many complicated products on the market that make it hard to get started.

BarkBay has created their No Pull Dog Harness as a simple solution to this problem. There’s nothing complicated about it and it’s perfect for everyday use, so most dog owners will find everything they need in this one compact package.

About The Product

BarkBay No Pull Dog Harness Feature

BarkBay is a brand that knows about harnesses, and it’s all they create. Their No Pulll Dog Harness is a top seller of theirs thanks to its simplicity and durability, offering something that seems so hard for other harness makers to do.

This dog harness is the perfect choice for everyday use, whether that’s walking around your neighborhood, at the beach, or taking your dog hiking. It’s got all of the features that matter most without any of the complicated accessories:

  • Made from no rip nylon for comfort and strength;
  • Comes in four sizes from small to extra large;
  • Four colors to choose from;
  • Anti-chafe padding;
  • Easy lift handle on top;
  • No pull leading ring to prevent pulling;

What Others Say

The simplicity and strength of this harness are its best points. There’s no complex straps or accessories that come with it, but you’ll feel you and your dog are protected thanks to its durability. These are the most important features to have in a dog harness which is what makes this such a smart choice.

One common complaint with those who weren’t satisfied with this harness had to do with the design of the neck. Some found that the rest of the body fit but the neck didn’t, making the entire harness unusable. Be sure to check the measurements and that they match your dog otherwise you could be disappointed.

Buying Advice

BarkBay No Pull Dog Harness Control Handle

You can get the BarkBay Dog Harness through Amazon currently for just over $20 which is amazing value. Due to the low price, you will need to pay to ship unless you’re a member of Amazon Prime, but if you spend over $35 this is waived so it could be worthwhile to invest in two.

There’s no warranty offered on this harness but the customers who found their sizing was incorrect did report being able to replace them for another. You’ll be responsible for shipping costs, but this is good to know if you’re unsure about what will fit.

The Verdict

Dog harnesses don’t have to be complex just to be effective, and BarkBay has proven that with theirs. This affordable, comfortable, and user-friendly harness has so much to offer you and your dog, so click here to get one for yourself.

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