IceFang Tactical Dog Harness Review

IceFang Tactical Dog Harness Review
IceFang Tactical Dog Harness



Metal bucket, Custom fit, Hands free carrying


Not suited for untrained dogs


A great vest for your dog with lots of sizes to choose from. 

Our Rating


If you’re a dog owner who has tried many different styles of harness and vest for your canine friend but found nothing has ever been durable enough, you’re probably ready to give up the search. There are so many harnesses out there that don’t seem to get the job done and offer little in strength and support, leaving not much for larger or more serious dogs.

IceFang has created their Tactical Dog Harness to address this issue and it’s a great fit for all sizes and breeds of dog. Designed as a tactical vest but perfect for walks, hikes, and camping trips, you can take this harness anywhere your dog goes and always feel that they’re secure.

About The Product

IceFang Tactical Dog Harness Tape

IceFang has proven that they know a thing or two about dogs and their owners with their range of harnesses and accessories, and this Tactical Dog Vest is no exception. Designed for the more serious dog who needs durability and functionality, you’ll love everything that this harness has to offer.

The IceFang Tactical Dog Vest is simple where it matters but packed full of features that are there if you need them. When you get this harness for your dog, you’ll both be able to benefit from features like:

  • 1000lb capacity metal buckle;
  • No pull front clip for absolute safety and control;
  • MOLLE attachments on either side;
  • Hook and loop fastener and space for ID patches;
  • Four different colors and four sizes available;

What Others Say

The quality of the material and construction are what people are most please of with the IceFang harness. Although you might pay a little extra, for the durability and peace of mind you get knowing that your dog is secure but also comfortable, it’s well worth it.

On the downside, some reviews have mentioned that this is better suited to dogs who have trained already. It shouldn’t be used as a training device as they may pull on it and ruin the harness, so keep this in mind.

Buying Advice

IceFang Tactical Dog Harness Size Chart

Amazon currently has a great price on the IceFang Tactical Dog Harness and you can get it sent to your door for just under $40. This also includes free shipping which saves you even more, and if you’re part of Amazon Prime you’ll pay nothing for express postage.

IceFang doesn’t offer a warranty on this harness but those customers who’ve had problems with size claim they were able to replace it. You will be liable for shipping costs though so it’s better to consult with their measurement guide before you make the purchase.

The Verdict

Even if you don’t have a tactical dog, there’s still plenty to benefit from with this IceFang Tactical Dog Harness. To get the strength and reliability that has made so many customers and their dogs happy, click here to purchase one for yourself.

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