Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness Review

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness Review
Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness



Strong materials, Removable patches, Easy to use




This harness helps keep your dog safe, too, with its reflective strap and patches and a convenient handle.

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A dog harness should be versatile enough to suit whatever activity your dog is doing with you. They might be working as a service dog and taking you for a trip to the doctors, you could be going on a hike with them, or taking a relaxed stroll around the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, most dog harnesses are made for one specific purpose, and it can get costly if you’re someone who does a lot with your pet. The Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness might sound like it’s only made for service animals, but it’s versatile enough to use anywhere and anytime, so definitely worth checking out.

About The Product

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness Features

Industrial Puppy makes a range of products for service dogs, and their high quality and versatility means they can be enjoyed by all types of canines. Their Service Dog Vest has all of the features that these special dogs require but offer so much in terms of comfort and support that they would suit any dog at all.

Investing in the International Puppy Service Dog Vest is the smart choice for those with a service animal, but there’s so much more to them than that. When you get choose this harness for your pet, you’ll be able to benefit from:

  • Removable ID patches to show the status of your service dog;
  • Double stitched nylon construction;
  • Handle and D ring for leads;
  • Mesh lining for comfort and breathability;
  • Backpack attachment for extra space;
  • Seven different sizes from XXS to XXL;

What Others Say

Although this harness was made with service dogs in mind, most of the reviewers simply wanted to get one for their regular four-legged friend. There are so many great features like the straps, reflective panels, a variety of sizes, handles and D ring, as well as solid double nylon construction that make it a smart choice.

Some reviews said it took a while for them to put the harness on their dog and that it took a few tries to do it right. Be prepared to adjust it to your dog and learn how it all works before you master it completely and you won’t be disappointed.

Buying Advice

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness Uses

This is one of the better-priced harnesses that still offers a lot of quality, and you can get it direct from Amazon. Their current price is less than $25, but you will need to pay extra for shipping unless you’re a member of their Prime program.

Industrial Puppy promises their harness is guaranteed for life, but there’s little listed about warranty periods. It’s not likely this harness will last a lifetime, so don’t take this as a genuine claim of warranty coverage.

The Verdict

There’s no need to have a service dog to benefit from the amazing features and construction that their harnesses offer, and that’s evident with the Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness. To see what this harness could give you and your four-legged best friend, click here to check them out.

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