OneTigris Service Dog Vest Review

OneTigris Service Dog Vest Review



Durable materials, Molle system, Color options


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OneTigris tactile harnesses focus on durability, practicality, and style.

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Service dogs are some of the most respected pets on the planet and they help so many people each day. It makes sense that their harnesses should be special as well, but finding a quality dog vest that suits their needs can be hard to do.

OneTigris has created a tactical Service Dog Vest that can be used by all types of pets, whether they’re service providers or not. This vest is packed full of features that you won’t find on a regular dog harness, so we’re going to find out what makes it so special.

About The Product

OneTigris Service Dog Vest Feature

OneTigris specializes in making harnesses and accessories for dogs, and they usually have a specific purpose. Their Service Dog Vest is one such accessory, and although it’s been designed for the service dogs of the world there are many other pets and owners who would enjoy it as well.

This is a serious tactical dog vest designed to be robust but also feature packed. When you invest in the OneTigris Service Dog Vest, you’ll get:

  • High-quality nylon construction;
  • Four colors and three sizes available;
  • Four quick release buckles for safety;
  • MOLLE system on either side of the harness;
  • Hook and loop panels for moral and ID patches;
  • Top handle for control and V-ring for leash;

What Others Say

Not only were people impressed by the quality and strength of this vest, but they loved the look of it as well. There’s space to display moral patches and hang accessories or backpacks, so as soon as you put the harness on your dog you’ll turn them into a very serious looking canine indeed.

Judging by the reviews, people seem disappointed with the sizing of this vest. OneTigris has released a very specific size chart to try and prevent this problem so if you’re planning on getting one it’s worthwhile doing your dog’s measurements first.

Buying Advice

OneTigris Service Dog Vest Size Chart

Head to Amazon to get yourself the OneTigris Service Dog Vest, currently priced at just over $30. This is one of the more affordable harnesses in their range and it has the quality they’re known for, so it’s definitely a worthy investment.

You will have to pay for shipping unless you’re with Amazon Prime, but if you spend a little extra and get two vests you won’t have to pay for freight.

While there’s no refunds or warranty offered, some customers stated they were able to switch sizes if they were incorrect. However, there’s no guarantee of this from the maker, so it’s essential to check their measurement guide before you make a final choice.

The Verdict

Whether you have an actual service dog or you just want a tactical harness that offers a bit more than most, the OneTigris Service Dog Vest is the way to go. To get this amazing harness for your canine friend and benefits from all its features, click here to check them out.

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